Our Process

Phase Three: Development

After we take your sites’ wireframes through the design stage we initiate programming.We have programmers who specialize in PHP, ASP.net, Java, and Flash. While we can certainly build you a customized site, with a custom administrator, but we prefer working on several platforms that already exist in the world

A platform describes hardware architecture that alreadynexists on the web and is utilized by hundreds of programmers. The reason we use these platforms is because they are constantly improved, easy to update and recognized by
programmers all across the world. Not to say we don’t build your website. Using a platform is akin to using a generic blueprint for a house. All houses should have a certain logic--theyshould have a front door and a backdoor, good use of s pace and a strong foundation. Every architecture company has a generic blueprint in mind when they begin designing your home.

In the same vein, we begin a project with one of these platforms in mind, and design a site suited to your needs. We utilize the blueprints as a reference but write all our code by hand. Platforms allow us to do is give you the strongest product out there, built with as much advice as possible, customized to fit your needs.

We use three platforms the most because we believe they are the best out there:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla!
  • Adobe ® Flash

This stage can take 3-5 weeks and entails bringing your vision to the world wide web. If we can relate this process to
that of building a house, Phase I determines what kind of house you would like to build, and how it will be laid out, Phase II is the drawing up of complete blueprints and interior design ideas for you house, and Phase III is when you break ground, your constructions move in with their bulldozers, planks and nails. The services encompassed in development include:

  • Web Programming
  • Progress Updates
  • Problem-solving if necessary
  • Testing


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