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Phase Two: Design and Optimization

Once the wireframes are complete and an aesthetic has been settled on, Prosper takes your project into web design. In addition to design, we also perform detailed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research to ensure that your website is reaching your target audience. Finally, a crucial element of phase two is the building of a detailed Statement of Work (SOW). This document not only outlines exactly how time will be spent on your site but what your site will ultimately cost. We choose to build a full Statement after we have begun the process because it is not until we are through the initial discovery phase that we can accurately gauge all that will be entailed in building a site. The services encompassed in this phase include:

  • Review of SOW
  • Review of Site Cost
  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization


"We decided to have Prosper design our website due to the quality of their creative ideas when we initially met with them. They took the time to understand our business and needs, listened carefully to our requirements and then added to the process with with excellent ideas and input."


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