Our Process

Phase One: Discovery

step one

The discovery process begins when you approach Prosper with your ideas. From there we hold an initial brainstorm meeting, identify which members of our team will be most appropriate for your project, and enter into a contract. Once a contract is signed, we begin building a detailed mock-up of the architecture and logic driving your site. This stage, called wireframing, is critical to project success, it allows the designer to translate your vision into creative aesthetics and also outlines the logic that our programmers need to create the site. The services encompassed in this phase include:

  • Project Initiation
  • Brainstorming and Introduction to “Your Prosper Team”
  • Contract Signing and “Discovery Process” Payment
  • Identity Development
  • Logo Definition (if requested)
  • Wire-framing Detailing Layout and Functionality of Pages


"I'd work with Ryan, Ryan and the rest of the crew at Prosper again  Thank guys."
-Summit Snowmobiles 


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