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A key component of a successful brand, and website, is relaying effective core messaging about your business. Prosper specializes in performing brand evaluations for existing companies in addition to creating fresh identities from scratch.

Part of this process is logo design, which begins with brainstorming and identifying your company’s core values and how to communicate them in a logo. From there, we produce three rounds of logos, tweaking color, size, imagery, and font throughout the process, thus ensuring that your logo conveys the crux of your identity. A final branding package includes a PDF document with specifics about how to manage your logo in a variety of size and color scenarios.

A full identity package also includes the design of print-ready, single-sided letterhead and envelopes. In addition, we design four high quality double-sided business cards, based on your needs. We are equipped to provide affordable printing preparation and ordering services.

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A few examples of our logo process can be found here.  If you'd like more information on this process and how it can benefit your company please do not hesitate to contact us.


Video Production

Captivate your audience with beautiful visuals and Prosper.


: Prosper Studios : Demo Reel : from Prosper Studios on Vimeo.

Give your audience a taste of what your business has to offer. Editing videos for businesses such as Colorado Restaurants, Real Estate and others we have increased traffic to their site, restaurant, and/or business and in turn increased the number of people interested in their establishment.

With our beautiful photography we can showcase your business, and grab the emotional response of the customers needed to get them through the door. Contact us now about Prosper's video capabilities!


The presence of video in everyday life has become undeniable. With potential viewers at every computer screen, digital billboard and cell phone, there is hardly a potential consumer that a video can't reach.

At Prosper Studios we want to help you convey your message with the use of powerful and creative video.  We're interested in what your needs are and want to provide you with the best solution possible for all of your video production needs.


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"We decided to have Prosper design our website due to the quality of their creative ideas when we initially met with them. They took the time to understand our business and needs, listened carefully to our requirements and then added to the process with with excellent ideas and input."


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