Our Process - Think. Create. Prosper.

Phase 1 - THINK

"If your web project were a house we would be the architects blueprinting your vision."
- Team Prosper Design

At Prosper we believe in creating long term partnerships with our clients. We can include several team members from your organization or lead this phase entirely. Phase 1 is where Our team and (+) Your team  become (=) THE TEAM.

During the THINK phase, we encourage open communication for business question and answer.

  • What are your immediate and long term goals?
  • Who are your users?
  • Where can you improve?
  • What is your message?
  • How can we creatively accomplish your goals within a set budget and make your business competitive online?

These are only a few of the questions we'll be posing. The answers lead us to a cohesive plan, creating the initial strategy to move forward. By bouncing ideas with your team and letting the creativity flow, we create a shared vision for your project. Web magic happens when you team up with Prosper Studios.

From design (look & feel), navigation and functionality requirements, we'll pave the road to a clear scope of work. A focused timeline with milestones are assembled during this phase, by your Prosper project manager. We aim to complete projects early whenever possible.

Client example:

Coleman Natural Foods (www.colemannatural.com)

An internal group of marketing pros and executives teamed up with Prosper developers and designers to formulate the new site's design and layout/navigation. By analyzing industry competition, critiquing likes/dislikes, and incorporating existing branding guidelines and color palettes, we ended with a winning design that generated hundreds of new registered users in a matter of days.

Phase 2 - CREATE

"If your web project were a airplane you could take a seat in the cockpit and still alter the controls."
- Team Prosper Development

Here is where the heavy lifting takes place. By implementing the new design and building out the core, the project begins to take shape. Through an internal project management tool, we are able to keep you up to date every step of the way. Whether that means daily updates, weekly emails, or monthly conference calls - we work according to your preference. We understand that during the CREATE phase the light bulb can sometimes go off. We realize new ideas ignite along the way, and our own suggestions can also be born during this phase. Therefore we employ an agile development process allowing the project to take new direction quickly and easily. Our goal is to deliver a product and a service that ultimately meets your needs in the best possible way.

Client example:

Glenwood Springs Chamber and Resort Association (www.glenwoodchamber.com)

Through a local portal, the Chamber was able to bridge their pre-existing membership system with the power of a content management system. The development lead to a feature rich site with everything from full site and directory searches to purchasing vacation packages online.

Phase 3 - PROSPER

"Your successful web project is the Milky Way Galaxy and all intelligent life is paying you a visit."
- Team Prosper Client Services

In this phase we start to see results by helping drive traffic to your site, reviewing analytics, making adjustments and most importantly creating ROI. Customer service is our highest priority during all phases, but this is where you begin to see how our long term partnership is cemented through exceptional client services. Whether you are cutting costs or increasing revenue, your web investment with Prosper will have results. Say you've just built the finest restaurant in the world and hired the most talented chef. If nobody is booking reservations then what's the point? You might have an internal team maintaining your web strategy or you might have us deliver all the maintainence, enhancements, and SEO. Either way we make sure you get the results you need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Client example:

Arriesgado Clothing (www.arriesgadoclothing.com)

After redesigning the e-commerce site for Arriesgado Clothing and seeing some strong performance early on, the company needed to stay active through ongoing site analytics and adjustments based on past preformance. Our SEO professionals continued to hone the company's Pay-per-click and blogging campaigns to pull quality traffic and increase conversions. Our client services process through the PROSPER phase has kept them growing and evolving their online presense.


"I'd work with Ryan, Ryan and the rest of the crew at Prosper again  Thank guys."
-Summit Snowmobiles 


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