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Real Estate web tools packed with features in demand by the industry's top professionals.

We've seen firsthand the stress and headaches experienced by many Agents & Brokers struggling with deficient MLS systems and clunky old websites.The Portal Advantage It's those experiences that led us to engineer a product that solves the challenges of modern online listing management. Integrating a customizable IDX bridge with a powerful Content Management System, The Portal Advantage lets you blog, blast emails, collect stats, print one-sheets, and customize listings from your site's Administrator.

A few of the growing number of features offered by The Portal Advantage

Map Search

Map SearchGoogle Maps is an amazing technology, and we've used it to power The Portal Advantage Map Search.

Select your search criteria and the map will display a tiny icon with your logo anywhere it finds a matching listing. In major cities, each listing is matched with the nearest Google Street View, showing the user an interactive panning photo of the property. You can also display nearby schools, hospitals, parks and more!

Print it!

Print any listing directly from your portal website, themed with your branding graphics. Whether your client is near or far, you can have your attractive one-sheet printing from their printer.

Customize it!

Add virtual tours, floor plans, and even additional photos and details not supplied by your MLS! Offering additional custom information separates you from the pack and gives buyers targeted information that only you can provide.

Save it!

Save it!When a buyer spots a potential purchase, they will want to come back again and look at that purchase. Click 'Save' on any listing and The Portal Advantage saves favorite listings to your user profile. Add and delete listings in your folder, email listings to yourself or a friend, and even receive automated email updates when the price changes!

Faster Search Results

Search FilterUsability is everything. We've observed that users want to start browsing listings immediately when they hit your website. Interrupting the browsing experience with a complex search form can lead to users losing interest. The "List First, Filter Second" philosophy gets users looking at listings right away. From there, a slew of filtering options are used to narrow down the search results.


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