The Castle of My Dreams

Vail designers
December 2009
  • Custom Design
  • Development
  • Photo editing and integration
  • Custom Content writting
When a builder, or artist to some, of Scott Cliver's talent needed a website to feature his newest property he turned to Prosper.  His requirements were simple: I need an easy way to send photos, descriptions, and area information to multiple realtors, and I need it fast.  Prosper's response?  Our pleasure.

The simplicity of the design of the site is meant to showcase the beauty of the property and allow for easy navigation for users of all levels.  The client was able to easily share the site with multiple parties.  Prosper was able to not only write content for the site, but also provide several photographs of the Arrowhead area through our in house photographers.

Visitors of are able to easily browse photos, descriptions, and area information on this beautiful property.